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Hancrafted Improv Quilt Top 

So I finished this quilt top with my Handcrafted fabric right around the time that Alison Glass released her new Handcrafted 2 line. I was sewing along happily, when I took a break to check social media, and WHAM there it was: a collection of 16 more Handcrafted fabrics. I know I should have been thrilled to have more beautiful fabric out in the world just waiting for me to sew it up, but instead I felt forlorn. I felt like a kid who finds out that the sequel to their favorite movie in the whole entire world has just been released, but they're not ready to see the sequel yet because they're still so darn busy loving the first movie. So please Ms. Alison Glass, stop releasing so many new stunning fabric lines at such a breakneck pace! I'm still way too busy loving your first Handcrafted fabrics to see Handcrafted 2 just yet. Sheesh. 
None! I simply cut and pieced improvisationally until I was happy with a block, and then trimed it down to a 9 1/2" square. 

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