Finished Lulu Sweater
Thursday, April 30, 2015 at 01:52PM

So when I lived in New York City I took the subway to work each day with literally millions of other people. Of those millions, a few made lasting impressions. One was a boy that rode the train with me nearly every morning for about the length of one school year. He was in high school and he knit. He knit sitting. He knit standing. He knit soaked with rain pressed up against strangers while discussing gossip with friends. His friends never seemed to notice that he was knitting, and this astonished and inspired me.

I carried his image in my mind for years, and each time I was pregnant I would whisper to myself, "this is my boy who will knit." Did the whispering work? I think probably not on our 7 year old boy. But this one... this 4 year old sweetie... I think just perhaps he's the one.  

As you can tell from the photo above this kid loves his new Lulu sweater. In fact, he adores all things handmade, and has been asking since he could talk for me to teach him how to make, make, make. So naturally, he was involved in every step of the making of this cardigan. He picked the Quince and Co Opsrey colors himself, and was very clear that the darker blue (Fjord), was to be "surrounded" by the lighter blue (Belize). Alos, the buttons had to be a golden color that could also maybe be wood. I'm a night knitter, and knowing this he checked on my progress every single morning. Every. Single. Morning. For weeks, "how many rows did you knit last night?" was one of the very first thing I heard upon waking. So yeah, I think he needs to learn to knit, and soon. A knitting boy indeed.  


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