A Sally Dress
Friday, April 24, 2015 at 11:57AM
So take a look at these photos and you'll see something very authentic. No photo shoot here. Just a handmade dress taped unevenly to a fence, and then that same dress in action. Two year old style. If your not sure what I mean by two year old style, just check out the stickers, mask, and necklaces, all accented by blue marker that was used as "lipstick" just moments before we headed outside to play. This is what being 2 looks like in our house.

Dress pattern is the Sally Dress from Very Shannon. This dress is described as being suitable for advanced beginner and intermediate sewers, and I think that's something to highlight. Unlike the three simple raglan dresses that I just finished, this dress required hours in a quiet room alone with my sewing machine and lots of caffiene. A serger also helps. That said, I think the extra work and time were worth it! Just look at the gently pointed shoulders seams, and the lined pockets. So special!
The only change I will make next time I sew a Sally Dress will be to size up. It was a little bit of a struggle to get the dress over my girl's head and arms comfortably, though the dress fits well once it's on. Sizing up one size in the bodice should solve that problem!
Now I'm heading over to the Kids Clothes Week site to see what everyone else is sewing this Friday. Want to come?
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