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KCW Spring 2015 - Elephant Dress

So when the first really warm day of Spring arrived last week my littlest girl had nothing to wear. Apparently she grew so much this winter that none of the warm weather clothing in her closet could fit over her head. She ended up playing outside all week in an undershirt and her brother's shorts. It was adorable and sweet for a few hours, until it wasn't. It was then that I signed up to participate for Kids Clothes Week, or KCW.  If you haven't heard of KCW, it's basicly a sew along where you pledge to sew clothing for kids for at least an hour a day for a week. If you want you can post photos of your sewn items on the KCW community site, and/or tag it on Instagram. This week, KCW is serving as my own personal kick in the (handmade) pants by forcing me to sew this wee one a spring/summer wardrobe.

The theme for Spring 2015 KCW is Wild Things. If you knew this girl, then you would know that I could sew a simple white sack for her, and "wild things" would still be the theme - she's that, well, wild. (See above photos taken in the rain this morning for a glimpse of this girl's devilish nature!)  She does love elephants, and elephants are wild things, so I chose this black and white elephant print to kick off the week.

Pattern is an old standby by Whole Grain Baby.

I'm not even sure that Whole Grain Baby still sells patterns after a quick internet search, but if you like what you see here, I suggest looking up the terms "peasant dress" on Google or Pinterest. There are loads of similar dress patterns floating around. 

Fabric is a Japanese imported elephant print for the front, and multicolor herringbone for sleeves and back by Timeless Treasures. 

Shoes are Converse self styled by the little miss many sizes too large and on the wrong feet. 


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