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Selfish Sewing Week Roundup

So last week I participated in Selfish Sewing Week for the very first time. In every single free moment I had I sewed for myself, and ended up producing four new tops! I posted some pics on Instagram as I went, but thought a quick roundup here would be fun too.

First up, I made another Lane Raglan in a double sided black and white knit. Neck and cuffs are made from scraps leftover from this Stellar tunic. The photo below is not my best, but take it from me when I say that this top is comfy, cute, and simple to sew. 

Next up were a pair of Briar tops made using Megan Nielsen's awesome pattern. I love Megan Nielsen patterns for the multitude of variations within the pattern, and the many many tips she provides for personalization and ease of sewing both on her blog, and in her free tutorials. I first sewed up this full length, long sleeved version with a traditional neckband and double needle hems in a lightweight knit.

Then I tried a full length short sleeved version with a fold over neck, and raw edge/no hem sleeves and bottom. 

Same pattern, but two different looks, right? Though I only planned to sew two Briar tops this week, I'm not done with this pattern yet. I'd love to try a modified Briar dress for the summer, and perhaps a center front seam cardigan like ones discussed here.

In the meantime, I've fallen hard for the the Julia Cardigan. Have you seen the Julia Cardigans that are posted all over the sewing blogs lately? My bloglovin' feed is full of 'em, so of course, I had to try one for myself. So glad I did. The Julia was a perfect end to my selfish sewing week. I would have finished this cardigan in under 2 hours if my serger hadn't needed re-threading. It's that quick to make. The result is a surprisingly fitted, on trend piece that will look good on everyone. One word of caution is to follow the measurements closely when deciding which size to sew, and to follow the instructions for cutting with or against the grain of the fabric. If you are looking for a less structured, looser garment, I would choose a jersey knit or other knit with loads of stretch. There isn't a lot of give in the version I made with this tight double knit metallic stripes, but man-oh-man do I love it.  

So there we have it, more photos of me than I generally like to share with the world, and four new tops. If you made it this far in the post, thanks, and happy selfish sewing ;)

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