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Cropped In Threes Baby Cardigan 

So this is a cropped version of the well loved In Threes Baby Cardigan. I knit this little sweater about two years ago while waiting outside of my older daughter's weekly music class, very pregnant, on a folding chair. At the same time each week a ballet class down the hall would end, spilling little girls in pink leotards everywhere around me. One little girl was escpecially fascinated by my knitting. Every week she would stand and watch me while her mother apologized, embarrassed by her interest.  One afternoon, after a few minutes of silent observation, she said something very much like: "You're really just making lots of knots with that string you know, but it looks so nice and you are are doing it all by yourself. It's amazing that one day the baby in your belly will wear it."  It was one of those wise things that young children say, and I recall writing it down on a scrap of paper afterwards. The scrap of paper was lost of course, but yesterday when I looked at the baby wearing the sweater I recalled that little girl in her pink leotard and thought how right she was... it is amazing. 


Pattern: In Three Cardigan (cropped)

Yarn: Sugar and Cream, just one ball of Ecru for the body

Changes/Additions: I simply stopped knitting when I ran out of yarn, and crocheted one row of single chain all around the edges of the cardigan in a variegated colorway of Sugar and Cream just for fun. 


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