Improv Supernova Quilt Finished
Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 12:37PM
So this quilt is special. They are all special, yes they are, but this quilt is special because it's my first real themed quilt. Usually themed quilts (like sports or princess quilts) are absolutrely NOT my thing. Here I made an exception though, and created a whole space themed bed for my just-turned-7 year old son. This guy wants be an interplanatary geologist when he grows up. Not a spaceman or a miner, an interplanatary geologist. To achieve this goal of his, he spends most of his evenings in bed reading reference books abour rocks and minerals, and actively pondering the content of the cosmos. He NEEDS a space quilt under which to do these things, right? Right. 
The quilt top is similar in design to this mini Supernova quilt. In fact, the supernova center is another version of the Supernova pattern from Quiting Modern, made with 6" squares. The fragments and smaller stars were improvised using techniques from Quilting Modern as well. Above you can see what the top looked like before it was quilted. I was very tempted to send this quilt out for long arm quilting, but instead decided to quilt it myself in overlapping concentric curves to mimic the expanding shock waves that occur in space when a supernova explodes. I figure that if I'm going to go for a space theme, I may as well go all the way. 
To round out the bed I made a couple of pillowcases out of leftover fabric. I also turned the Supernova Mini Quilt into a quilted throw pillow with a lapped back. I purposely made the back of the lapped pillow deep enough to stow some of the big books constantly littering this kid's bed. 
Upon seeing his newly made bed my man hugged me and said, "Mom, I can see how hard you worked on this quilt. It's so amazing that I'm going to sleep with it until I'm married and even until I'm dead."
I'm not even used to to seven yet.
Constellations and Pearl Bracelets in assorted colors by Lizzy House
Kona Cotton in Tomato
Architextures in Lake by Carolyn Friedlander
Thread: Aurifil grey
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