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Finished Scout Quilt

So summer has us wrapped around its little finger. After a long, dark, snow filled winter it seems that there's nothing summer can do that will put us off this year. We've been busy travelling, swimming, exploring, and just plain sitting out of doors as much as we can. Lightning storms, local tornadoes, and the ineveitable visits to the emergency room with kids can't slow us down. We are too busy being in love with the longer, looser days and the possibilities they bring. 

Why and I telling you this though? And what does summer have to do with this quilt? Well, everything really.

Summer inspired this quilt. Specifically, the many summers I've spent in Santa Fe, New Mexico immersed in earthy adobe browns, grey stone paths, orange sunsets, outdoor bluegrass music, and turquoise American Indian jewelry. The arrow motif was intentionally chosen to recall the Pendelton blankets ubiquitous in Santa Fe, and our home growing up. Yes, this quilt is summer in Santa Fe for me, and I'm happy to see it in my backyard drying after it's first washing, and wrapped around my son at night.

Quilting notes:



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Reader Comments (2)

Love LOVE LOVE! your newest quilt. The color palette is amazing and the design is all boy. I am sure that he is happily sleeping in his own room with his own special quilt.

It has been much too long since your last blog entry. I so look forward to seeing your work and your family. I hope you are working on a short project now or a delicious tidbit so that we can hear from you again soon.

Your loyal following!

July 9, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJoan

Thanks Joan! He loves his new quilt. :)
Can't wait to see how your baby quilt turned out!

July 18, 2014 | Registered Commentercounterpane

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