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Handmade Holidays - Day 7 - Toddler Made Gift Card Holders

So this is by far the most basic handmade item that I am gifting this year, but in many ways, the most charming. It's a gift card holder that my toddler and I made out of his artwork. The process is very simple and the product is very hadmade looking, but what makes a better gift for an early child educator then something that chubby little fingers made (mostly) by themselves? Add a couple of handmade lavender sachets and some chocolate, and you have a cute little gift pack. 

(This particular gift is meant for a super crafty educator who knits and loves owls. Obviously we love her.)

To make your own gift card holder with your toddler all you need is a piece of your child's art (the heavier the paper the better), an exacto knife or sharp scissor, and a pencil. It's so simple that instead of telling you how we did it, I'm just going to show you with a series of photos.

There! Got it? Just sign your child's name, pop it in a little gift bag alone, or with a couple of small goodies like we did, and you are good to go. I guarantee that your child's teacher will appreciate it!


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